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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dr. Alan Abdal Haq Godlas are here in Malaysia

Dr. Alan Abdal Haq Godlas will conduct a Majlis which is named as Spiritual Transformation in Daily Life by means of Remembrance Gratitude and Love
on 11-12 August 2007 at Shah Village Hotel Petaling Jaya , Selangor, Malaysia.

General Overview

Saturday 11 August 2007

I. General overview of Islamic principles for spiritual transformation

A) The problem of untransformed man: egotism and egotistical society

B) Spiritual transformation (including psychological-emotional transformation) as the aim and
general solution to the problem.

C) The Core of the Islamic Spiritual method: The inner (Turning back [tawba], Gratitude, Surrender, Love, Dhikr) and
the outer (God-centered behavior/taqwa)

D) The Need for understanding of the spiritual path

E) A system for understanding the major concepts of the path

F) A system for understanding the process of spiritual transformation

Sunday 12 August 2007

II. The Qur'an, The Prophet (saws), and Islamic Spirituality

A) Qur'anic recitation, contemplation, and the world

B) Qur'anic roots of Islamic Spirituality

C)Spiritual understanding and interpretation of the Qur'an

D) Hadith as a basis of Islamic Spirituality

E) The Muhammadan Truth and Light

Dr Alan says:
"Each session will begin and end with periods of dhikr,both vocal and silent. On Sunday morning before breakfast, I would like to go for a fast walk for about an hour, during which time I will recite surahs Yasin,Fath, Nab'a, Waqi'a, Mulk, and Hadid. Attendees are welcome to come with me"

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alqasam said...


How much did it cause to attend that program. Because I really want to be there?


darwisiy said...

Please refer to the link that i mentioned before.Rm200 per person if i'mnot mistaken>if you really wanna join the event,i can book the place for you.send me your detail in my email

alqasam said...

200? O Allah

Quite big amount for me as a student. Maybe I have to place a second thought in my mind nevertheless how much I hope could be there!

darwisiy said...

i'll try to negotiate with the organiser about this prob bro,insyaallah

alqasam said...

shukran 'alaik ya bro!
May Allah bless the best for the kind effort

aq said...


dah lepas pun bro..
takpalah..mungkin boleh dikongsi bersama isi syarahannya di sini

terima kasih

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