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Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Beg of You

“Is there anyone who can give something to this beggar? A whole heart? Is there anyone giving away a pure, whole heart?”

For a whole heart, I would give the life of this world: every moment of monotone emotion felt, every numb pleasure that kills my soul, every restless feeling that eats away inside.

For a whole heart, I would give away all my broken dreams, gathering each piece from it’s scattered place, blown in every direction by the winds of confusion and desire.

For a whole heart, I would give all of my bitter tears, shed from mistaken hurts and affected wrongs, or complexities that I myself constructed.

For a whole heart, I would give my own tongue that speaks ill instead of truth.

I would give my very eyes, that see the night sky in all it’s splendor, and that still choose slumber over vigil.

I would give my soul, troubled and heavy, always foolishly choosing darkness over Light.

But who would accept this currency or this exchange?

I’m just a poor beggar, with nothing to give. Instead, I depend on the compassion of the Owner to fulfill my needs, and be generous with me, though I have nothing to give Him in return; my worthless possessions clutched tight.


irving said...

O brother, your words bring tears to the eyes of this unworthy darvish. May Allah the merciful forgive us our blindness in His light, our ignorance when He gives us knowledge freely.


Ya Haqq!

irving said...

Salaam Brother :)

This post moved me so much that I reposted it on the Darvish blog. I hope you don't mind. Please let me know if you do and I will remove it at once.

Ya Haqq!

darwisiy said...

Praise to Allah to give such a heart to all darvishes.Pray for me,my parents,my shaikh and all people around me .After all,I’m just a poor beggar, with nothing to give.