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Thursday, November 6, 2008

About Me.. Tentang AKU

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِي

There are various ways for people who want to know themselves or the "I"-ness. Some go through meditation, seclusion, emptying the thoughts, practices through self flagellation and such. But for people on the path, it is through zikrullah that is taught through the masters. Through zikr and guidance from a true master will they arrive to know themselves and the I.

People of the path had said that "whoever knows himself, knows his lord". This does not mean he becomes the lord!. When someone understands the picture, he will the recognize the one pictured.
When someone identifies the reflection onthe mirror, he will recognize the owner of the reflection. Understand!

I am merely a ray from His Sun. I am a wave from the ocean of Ar-Rahman. I am merely a letter in the pages of Al-Haq. I am a grain of sand in the desert of Existence Of The Most Engulfing and The Most Vast. I am merely a shadow from His shadow of the One Most Exist. That is the I which is not separated from my Lord.

I don't deserve praise because it is "empty". The One Real Existence is only Him. I don't praise other than Him as all that is other than Him is emptiness as well.
The One that deserves praise and worship is the Real Existence alone.

Renunglah ke dalam AKU. Dia berada dalam kesadaran AKU. Maha Halus dan Maha Seni. AKU terdengar bisikanNYa. Dalam waktu sunyi sepi, paling baik mendengar bisikan hati nurani. Tanpa huruf, tanpa suara, tetapi AKU faham segalanya.

AKU kenal Dia dalam kesadaran batinku kerana AKU berhubung dengan Dia tanpa menyekutukanNya. Inilah satu hasil zikrullah.

AKU tidak patut dipuji kerana ianya "kosong". Yang Maha Wujud Hakiki hanya Allah. AKU tidak memuji selain Allah (ghairullah) kerana ghairullah itu kosong juga. Yang patut dipuja dan dipuji hanya yang Wujud Hakiki itu sahaja.

bodoh. Dialah yang mencerdikkan AKU. AKU lemah Dialah yang menguatkan AKU. AKU tidak tahu, Dialah yang memberiku tahu. AKU papa kedana, Dialah yang memperkayakan AKU.

Di manakah aku? Ke manakah aku? akukah?

-Peace be to you-

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