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Saturday, August 20, 2011


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

you have repented (so you thought so). you assume that all is forgiven and you are clean, scott free. but once some tests arrive such as hardship, old mistakes resurfacing, etc.., you do not accept it. how far are you from the repentance that you claim! if you have truly repented, you will submit and accept to whatever Allah has given you as punishment for your past mistakes.

what is most important is the realization, the will and act to change as well as submitting to Allah's will.
there is no point in the repentance in your mind, but your self is still mired in your old filth. your repentance is nothing more that what is taught as right, but your self is not willing to do right.

stop with the delusions, and stop wasting people's time. you have an educated brain but an ignorant heart. it all amounts to nothing.

sunggoh senang kau nak mengaku kononnya dah bertaubat. bila udah bertaubat nasuha (menurut dirinya sahaja), diingatkan ianya bersih segala. bila kena uji sikit contohnya kesukaran mendapat jodoh, atau sukar mendapat zuriat, atau aib terbuka.. ada yang tak boleh terima. padahal dalam taubat sebenar-benar taubat, kita kena redha atas apa sahaja yang Allah sediakan untuk kita atas kesalahan lalu.

yang penting ialah keinsafan, kesedaran, keazaman untuk hijrah serta redha pada ujian Allah.

usahlah mengaku udah bertaubat, kena jentik sedikit dah meraung. ilmu takat kat otak sahaja. tak lebih dari itu. nafsu masih bermaharajalela. akal masih letak kat lutut. diam-diam sudahlah.

kerana cinta pada manusia kamu tewas pada syaitan dan nafsu.

carilah cinta dan redha Allah. itu sahajalah yang kekal tiada hujungnya.

janganlah jadi manusia yang terpelajar otaknya, tetapi jahil hatinya. sia-sia belaka.

"لا حول ولاقوة إلا بالله"


Anonymous said...

wow,,quite some harsh word to read,but really good reminder for a human like me...people made mistakes...surely sins is the one that made the heart felt uneasy right,but..are people others than people who repent can judge their repentance is truly done other than God who can evaluate it?

And how do people know their heart is not ignorance while their brain is learned?

Sorry for asking too much,but can heart knows best after receiving knowledge using brain?

And so far,is it true based on your statement to human like prophet peace be upon him really can made us lose to devil and personal desire??Or is there any exception?

Thanks for reading my questions.and probably answering them..just loves your thoughts that just gives me some points ..(I really need to understand more on the converts muslim life to not just give a random judgemental thoughts anymore)

darwisiy said...

salams.. you are right, no one other than God can evaluate the repentance. but at the same time if we were to scrutinize ourselves, there should be changes (for the better),even if a little at a time.. otherwise its just all repentance according to our heedless nafs and lacks sincerity. its more important to look at ourselves first no doubt, and there's no need to judge other peoples claim. although, Allah gave us eyes, and SOMETIMES we see :.
i use the term "learned" loosely, and i don't deny the value of education and knowledge seeking.i apologize for any misunderstanding.i just took the liberty of applying "learned" to our current times (i.e: degrees, doctorates, certs, etc..) while the heart is not as well educated. a heart that is not ignorant would know what should come first(i.e: what to base the life around). knowledge that doesn't give you peace of heart and mind is of little value no matter how grandiose it may seem.
and again apologies if i gave the wrong impression of love to human meaning to include the prophet(pbuh) as well. the prophet (pbuh) is no regular human, but the perfected human model, the light of creation itself. and Allah knows best. my writings are actually intended for my own reminder thus at times included are "inside" jokes/sarcasm; also the liberal use of words which aren't really dictionary grade..apologies for many misunderstandings and thank you for taking some of my writings seriously :)