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Saturday, December 10, 2011

conception of reality is where it all starts.

the Quran has taught us to see with two eyes, for only the blind sees with one.

the source of knowledge in the modern times is based on having only one eye. knowledge which is only based on what can be observed physically(science). thus we construct a reality that is purely observable. soon we will conclude only what is seen exist.that this is the only world.

today we have scholarship (people who learn),
but no nur (inner discernment).

the basic tenets of Islam, and indeed any faith, is having believe in the unseen.

make your own conclusions from such source of "knowledge" as seen today.

it is already created,
it already exists,
it is merely waiting to unfold.

Humanity never has grown up after all.We are still slaves,only the master has changed.

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