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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bila Pendidikan Dilacurkan

many are those who can read,
but few know what is worth reading.

a dependence on being told what to read,
never knowing what should be read instead.

people totally reliant on figures of authority,
rebels without a cause, merely crowd mentality.

an education that leads to nothing more than being able to do what is told,
t(f)ools of the times, rather than living a life bold.

a life dictated by trends and fashion,
at the cost of mind and passion.

people who are taught to become talkers,
but are denied from being thinkers.

all the while denying the One true deity,
truly, it is dark days for humanity.

mindless, soulless people prattling endlessly.

Bacalah dengan nama tuhan yang menjadikan mu.

apabila pendidikan dilacurkan,
lahirlah insan yang terdidik mindanya tetapi punah akhlaknya.
yang pandai beralasan tetapi hilang akalnya

manusia yang banyak melihat
tapi dibutakan matanya

banyak bicaranya
tapi hilang segala makna

jarang mendengar
tapi banyak berdegar

itulah gambaran
akhir zaman.

ingat, tinggalkan satu peluru, takut-takut kawan jadi seteru

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