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Thursday, June 13, 2013

We have stopped living,
our concerns are merely of a continued existence,
we no longer engage with our surroundings,
merely going through the motions of daily events,
repetitive routines of banality, consuming and perceived productivity,

at the same time we are detached,
from the very thing being done,
this detachment is what allows immorality and corruption,
to proliferate uncontrollably,
as we no longer take ownership of our own being.

we no longer live,
we just exist.

but an existence for what? (have you asked yourself?)

hidup itu untuk merasa
namun kini amat sedikit yang hidupnya,
cuma sekadar wujud.

wujud yang tidak pernah ditanya makna,
maka berlalulah hari-hari seperti biasa,
sedangkan jiwa semakin ternoda.

hilang dimata tak mengapa, jangan kehilangan rasa!

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