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Sunday, December 8, 2013

These are the walls that are hiding the eternal Living God

That is what the world is
that is why when you begin to understand that it is all meaning
that is why you start to love the world
the alam, not the dunya.

it is an instrument for which you know something.. the alim

it is Gods' vehicle to give us knowledge

and that is what the world is
it is meaning.

until you find its meaning
you won't be of the people of discernment.. 'ulil absar.

"I pass the house of Layla and kiss the walls of the house...I kiss the walls of the house...but it is not the walls of the house...that have enraptured my heart.. but love... for the one that lives between those walls" ~ Majnun

semua kita adalah umpama api yang menyala
samada sekecil-kecil percikan mancis mahupun unggun yang menjulang marak
lambat laun akan terpadam jua

pilihlah cara kamu ingin membara.

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