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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ghazwatul Fikr

The dilemma of the day is not in the lack of formal education, but in the absence of truthful (haq) education. Half truths are presented as academic facts lined with ideologies that are too subtle to notice. It is nothing short of a psychological warfare done in stealth. Poisoning the minds of people who do not know with what it should be filled.

 Bits of deception which are little by little being fed into the imprints of our minds. Demand for haste and greed has robbed us of the ability to stop,question and reflect. This corruption is constructed in a logically coherent manner making it attractive as academic discourse. Man being creatures of logic, has lost the ability to discriminate between good and evil. Thus we live as a nation where things can be legally right but are morally wrong. but who cares right?

We are a society of diseased thinkers. This cancer which is rampant is the sole cause of all our ills seen today. Never has there been a time that claims to be at the pinnacle of learning but also in the depths of despicable humanity as is seen now.

A dajjalic construct of society. Where a man no longer has any intrinsic value. His value is tied to scraps of printed paper called money, stocks, degrees and titles. Lost are the true nature of man which gives him worth independently. Not only are these ignored, but actively removed from our collective consciousness. God-given honour is traded for attention from another human. A godless society hungry for recognition and approval. A beggar trying to impress a pauper.

Ramai yang terperangkap dalam kebodohan yang disangkanya kepandaian. Kebijaksanaan yang dicedok dari persekolahan yang mengajar mensyirikkan tuhan. Hasil kebijaksanaan ini ialah ketidakpuasan yang tiada berkesudahan.

Serangan pemikiran yang disisipkan sedikit demi sedikit melalui sistem pendidikan, media apatahlagi hiburan telah mematikan akal kita. Hilangnya kebolehan membezakan haq dan bathil telah melumpuhkan daya fikiran anak adam. Yang tinggal cumalah pakar-pakar pemikiran anak setan. Idealisme-idealisme yang tampak sungguh menarik kerana dikaitkan dengan kemajuan dan pemikiran progresif.

Hak-hak manusia lebih utama daripada hak tuhan. Aku ada, kau ada, tuhan tiada. Selamat datang ke masyarakat dajjal. Moga Allah selamatkan kamu dan kita semua.

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