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Thursday, July 12, 2012

They say the wheat cannot grow
In the desert or amidst snow
Will the clouds bring their rain?
Will the snow melt once again?
In the meantime will wheat survive?
Will this grain become alive?

I seem to be that lone grain
In my desert silent remain
Endure the draught and sandy pain
Till the clouds wash me again.
They say clouds will only rain
When they decide. We wish in vain.

No matter how brilliant a mind
A soul that’s wise, a heart that’s kind
When lost in this endless space
Walking the desert pace after pace
When of grace there’s no trace
It is futile for us to chase
The spirit we try to embrace;
God in God’s time reveals God’s face.

                                                                        ~ Rumi

Siapakah manusia? bayangan daripada Cahaya Azali. Apakah dunia? ombak pada Lautan Abadi.
Mana mungkin bayangan ini terpisah dari Cahaya? Bukankah mustahil ombak terpisah daripada Lautan?

seorang pergi ke taman bunga untuk mencari kecantikan kuntumannya, tetapi menjumpai indah yang diidamkan pada wajah tukang kebun.

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