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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Between a man and God
there are just two veils, and all other veils manifest
out of these: they are health, and wealth. The man
who is well in body says, ‘Where is God? I do not
know, and I do not see.’ As soon as pain afflicts
him he begins to say, ‘O God! O God!’ communing
and conversing with God. So you see that health
was his veil, and Go was hidden under that pain.
As much as a man has wealth and resources, he procures
the means to gratifying his desires, and is preoccupied
night and day with that. The moment indigence, appears,
his spirit is weakened and he goes round about God.

~discourse of Rumi,fiihi maa fiihi~

heart as a mirror,

Ya Huu

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