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Monday, August 13, 2007

Bergantung pada Niatmu

A man asked Sidi Abu Hassan As-Shadili that he was intrigued by why he was always wearing fine clothes eventhough he is one of the waliyullah and furthermore with the rank of Qutb.
In contrast the asking man was only using worn out and coarse clothes so as to be known as someone who is a zahid (someone who abstains from worldly attachments). Sidi Abu Hassan As-Shadili replies:

"Libaasukum hazaa yaquulu innallaha faqiirun wa libaasunaa haazaa yaquulu innallaha ghaniyuun jamiilun yuhibbul jamaal".

"Your worn out clothes states that Allah Taala is poor and while my fine clothes states that Allah is the All Sufficient and is Beautiful and loves what is beautiful".

The lesson:
Each and every action is according to its intention.

A wolf in chicken clothing is still a wolf and will still eat the chicken. :)

May God purify our intentions.

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irving said...

An excellent lesson, dear Brother :)

Ya Haqq!