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Friday, August 24, 2007

Burst into Silence

A'udhu billah hi minassyaitan nir rajeem,
Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem,
La hawla wala quwwata illa billah hil aliyyil azeem

Silence is the absence of sound,beyond relation,featureless,unimaginable in which all is still..and yet there is a beyond.

Make no mistake.Silence of the tongue is mere childs' play ( for some at least :P ) but to be as silent inwardly as outwardly is a whole thing altogether.

How can you strive and struggle for something that is nothing?How can you grasp something without matter,without form?Can you fill space with emptyness?

Just let it come.If only for a moment,let go of "I". Forget "me". And revel in the deafening sound of silence.Feel the turbulence of stillness. Ha Ha Ha talk about contradicting terms :)

Pay the price of silence and a thousand voices answer; speak and silence alone replies.It is in silence the secret speak.

Why are you so afraid of silence,
silence is the root of everything.
If you spiral into its void
a hundred voices will thunder
messages you long to hear.

See how the seed sprouts silently and grows into a magnificent oak tree.In silence it was hidden underground,nourished and grows reaching to the skies.

How silently flowers bloom
With it removing all this gloom.

O wretched soul! How long will you need to explain yourself? O you who are captivated by speech,when will you listen? O you who are enslaved to reason when will you understand? Though your speech might be eloquent,when will you be as adept in silence?

Learn silence as you had learnt speech,even more so.
Those who don't understand silence,won't understand these words.

Our flawed reasoning cannot measure nor explain,nor can we comprehend,therefore refrain.
Be quiet,our words are not the end of the matter.They do not have any weigh.Words against words,nothing more.
If words express it,we have not found it.

And how beautifully our Mevlana from Konya tells us:

Carry your baggage toward silence:
when you seek the signs of the Way,
don't make yourself the focus of attention.
The Prophet said, "Know that amidst the sea of cares
my Companions are like guiding stars."
Fix your eye on the stars and seek the Way;
speech confuses the sight: be silent.

O Allah! How You reveal to the soul that place where speech is growing without letters.

Do crack my heart
through your silence
for I love the sound it makes
every time it breaks
surrender is good music

The sun which sets today
will rise tomorrow
nor love will lie in laziness
for it is love who maps the path
for sun and moon to follow

If love is strong
It can't go wrong.

Now it is time for silence.

Kalau belum makan rambutan, bagaimana nak paham rasanya?
Se-siapa yang belum makan,tidak akan merasa!
Se-siapa yang belum merasa,tidak bisa paham!
Kata-kata tidak bisa meletakkan rasa manis itu ke dalam mulut-mu.Apa gunanya lagi berkata?
Hai keparat,memang cakap tak serupa bikin. Auta saja lebih! ha ha ha :)

Dengarlah tuan satu cerita
Cerita dongeng orang tua-tua
Kisah tuk nujum yang terus mata
Bukannya betul semuanya auta.

keh keh keh ..Cobaaaaan :)

-Peace be to you-


irving said...

So true and beautifully stated. Thank you, dear Brother.

Words are a veil, silence, silence, silence, and the Beloved bursts forth everywhere, and all is Love.

Ya Haqq!

alqasam said...

O Allah

How touching and beautiful

This entry have make me want to cry and smile at the same time

darwisiy said...

How silently flowers bloom
With it removing all this gloom.

sometime,silence is the best cure for my desease..


Anonymous said...

i really like this post bro,im ur antag

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