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Friday, August 3, 2007

Got Something to Remember?

A'udhu billah hi minassyaitan nir rajeem,
Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem,
La hawla wala quwwata illa billah hil aliyyil azeem

You remember most often what you love the most.
and there are two types of remembrance(zikr):

tafakkur and tadzakkur.

tafakkur is zikr of the mind while tadzakkur is zikr of the heart.

Know that the mind is a path to the soul.All our outward senses are tied to our mind.Though the mind might act as a "filter"of sort,but too much dirt might allow some dirtyness to reach our heart.
while our hearts belong to the realm of divine but seldom are we able to "tune-in" due to this dirt.We either get fuzzy signals or total blackout.What a pity full state to be in.

hearts reflect what is from sight.whether you see as it is or a distorted image is dependent on the clarity of the heart as a mirror.

therefore arises the matter of looking at the same object but seeing different things.
this is a conundrum that we are too familiar with words i.e: the same words used to describe different things.. aah how wonderful silence is :)

tadzakkur clarifies the heart.
tafakkur purifies the mind.

have you not heard of the parable of His light:

...the parable of His Light is as (if there were) a niche and within it a lamp, the lamp is in a glass, the glass as it were a brilliant star,lit from a blessed tree,an olive,neither of the east nor of the west,whose oil would almost glow forth(of itself) though no fire has touched it.Light upon Light!Allah guides to His light whom He wills.And Allah sets forth parables for mankind,and Allah is All-Knower of everything.

An-Nur verse 35

Polish the glass and let the brilliance of this lamp shine through.Lest you allow this light to die out for certainly the light is not yours,it is a mere grant from the One.He giveth and He taketh as He pleases.

tafakkur might feel heavy,
but tadzakkur is weightless-ness,liberation

what better way to "taste" weightless-ness after feeling heaviness.
O you who have never tasted bitterness,how will you know that it is sweetness that you are tasting? Perchance it is pure bile that you are savouring.

doesn't it feel nice after you scratch that itch? :)
if there was no itch,you would not "taste" that wonderful feeling.Ha ha ha

wonderful feeling indeed.or is it just me? :)

O our Lord,forgive us for certainly we have not remembered You as You ought to be remembered

O our Lord, bless us by granting us Your remembrance

certainly there is no will nor might except that of Yours,Most High,The Incomparably Great.

siapa cakap ikut hati mati?tu betul ka hati atau nafsi?ka hati yang dah betul-betul mati?biar mati diri jangan mati hati.

itula engkau sapa suroh letak akal kat lutut,hati kat perut.kah kah kah kah.

ni hati ka nafsi yang bercakap???

apa-apa ajak pun

Tinggalkan yang meragukan,dan ambillah apa yang diyakini.

You are not my fellow traveller.
Tread your own path.
May you be affluent,
And I downtrodden.

Engkau bukanlah teman se-pengembaraanku.
Jejakilah laluan mu sendiri.
Moga-moga engkau memperoleh kemewahan.
dan aku ketindasan.

wujudkah perkataan "ketindasan"? he he he teh aa.

Ya Tuhan kami,ajarlah kami Ilmu al Yaqeen
Ya Tuhan kami,perlihatkanlah kami melalui Ayn al Yaqeen
Ya Tuhan kami,kurnialah kami dengan Haqq al Yaqeen.

O our Lord,teach us Your Knowledge of Certainty
O our Lord,let us see through Your Vision of Certainty
O our Lord,bless us with Your Reality of Certainty.

O our Lord,there is only You.

ya Afuww ya Ghaffar, rabbigh firli.far firlana ma qaddamna wa ma akharna,wa ma asrarna wa ma a'lana.Anta'l Muqaddim wa Anta'l Muakhir.La illah ha illa Anta subhanaka inni kuntum minaz zalimeen.

inna lillah wa inna ilaihi raji'uun

As nothing you came and as nothing you shall return.Then why all this pride? minum teh lah.

-Peace be to you-

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irving said...

Alhamdulillah, dear Brother, what a lovely and inspiring and true post :)
And great music to go with it. I love visiting your blog :) May Allah increase your love and wisdom without end all the days of your life.

Ya Haqq!

PS Please convey my love and respect to your most worthy Master.